East Texas District

This district includes the following zip codes:75102; 75402 - 75505; 75561 - 75570; 75601 - 75606; 75633 - 75802; 75840; 75901 - 75978; 76634

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Current Election-ETD Members only

Position Name
Chair Polly Bowers-Maness, PTA
[email protected]
Vice Chair Arvin Calmaba, PT, DPT, MPA-HCA 
Secretary Ann Huffstetter, PTA
Treasurer Jessica Ross, PTA
Nominating and Public Relations Crystal Delagarza, PTA 
Membership   Polly Bowers-Maness, PTA
Government Affairs  Artis Newsome, PT
Communications/PR Amanda Storer, PTA 
Delegate Laurie Hurst, PT, DPT


Past Meeting Minutes


ETD Minutes 11152018.pdf
ETD Minutes 10042018.pdf
ETD Minutes 07172018.pdf
ETD Minutes 04192018.pdf
ETD Minutes 02152018.pdf


ETD Minutes 11162017.pdf
ETD Minutes 09212017.pdf
ETD Minutes 02092017.pdf


ETD Minutes 11172016.pdf
ETD Minutes 09152016.pdf
ETD Minutes 08112016.pdf
ETD Minutes 04212016.pdf
ETD Minutes 02182016.pdf


ETD Minutes 11192015.pdf
ETD Minutes 09172015.pdf
ETD Minutes 07012015.pdf
ETD Minutes 04162015.pdf
ETD Minutes 02192015.pdf


ETD Minutes 11202014.pdf