William Gould Memorial Outstanding Physical Therapy Faculty Award


The purpose of this award is to acknowledge an outstanding faculty member in Physical Therapy education in Texas who has demonstrated excellence in that role.  This award has been renamed in honor of William R. Gould, PT, PhD, who passed away in 1999. A leader for many years at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Dr. Gould was known as an exemplary educator and earned the respect of students and colleagues. 


  1. A physical therapist who is:
    1. a current member of the TPTA.
    2. has been  engaged in teaching physical therapist students (professional or post-professional) for at least two years.
    3. has a part-time or full-time faculty academic appointment, but may be of any rank.
    4. must be employed in an academic setting within one or more accredited physical therapist education programs, or post-professional level programs for physical therapists, from which student earn an academic degree.


  1. Any member of the TPTA may submit nominations.
  2. Nominations are made by completing an electronic nomination form and submission of a nomination letter.
  3. Nominations will be evaluated on the nominee’s:
    1. Teaching excellence in the academic setting
    2. Commitment to service to the institution, profession, and community.
    3. Contribution to the body of knowledge in physical therapy through research or writings.
  1.  Nomination materials will not be returned.
  2.  If an individual is not selected for the award in a given year, the individual may be
                nominated in subsequent years. This would require a new nomination form and    
                supporting materials.

2000 – Sharon Olson
2001 – Ann Newstead
2002 – Peggy Gleeson
2003 – Phillip B. Palmer
2004 – Christine P. Baker
2005 – Ronald Bybee
2006 – Deydre Teyhen

2007 – Martha (Marty) Hinman
 2008 – John Childs  
2009 – Janelle Kay O’Connell 
2010 – Carolyn Utsey 
2011 – Marsha Rutland 
2012 – no award given 
2013 – Barbara Melzer
2014 -  Loretta Dillon
2015 - Brenda K. Boucher
2018 - Celia Pechak
2019 - Jacob Brewer