DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

TPTA is committed to understanding the dynamics of diversity, equity, and inclusion and fostering an environment that supports our diverse members, staff and communities.

The DEI Taskforce was established to develop these initiatives and has set a range of immediate and long term goals to ensure that TPTA has a framework for action on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

DEI Taskforce

Amber Brown, Co-Chair
Jaime González, Co-Chair
Mark Agholor
Jon Anderson
Lisa Le
Rupal Patel
Amber Treviño

Mike Geelhoed, TPTA President
La’Shauna Maxwell, TPTA Conference Director and Member Services Manager


  • Complete climate scans through DEI surveys
  • Programs for K-12 children to increase awareness of physical therapy careers
  • Collaborate with academic programs on DEI issues facing students
  • Disseminate education programs on DEI and social determinants of health to the TPTA clinical community.
  • Explore fundraising options to establish sustainable options through TPTA

The taskforce supports efforts to drive innovation and improves the association's ability to adapt to change. We value our members and want to ensure that all voices are heard.

Our hope is to have meaningful conversations across diverse divides, to create healthy connections without boundaries and expand the positive impact of social identities despite assumptions and previous experiences.

For questions or additional information, contact [email protected].