Current Legislative Issues

Thanks to everyone who participated in Virtual Week at the Capitol. We got some great reports back about the visits with legislators and staff that many of you had.

We also had a great week in moving our legislative priorities forward:

HB 1363 (adding Board Certified DPTs to 15 days of direct access) passed the Full House today and is headed to the Senate where it’s companion SB 455 has already been heard in committee.

HB 2988 (Fair Co-Pay) was set for a committee hearing on Tuesday 4/20.

HB 3499 (Allowing PTs to be a part of school district concussion protocol team) had a committee hearing on 4/13. The author asked that it be placed on the Local and Consent Calendar, meaning no opposition is expected.

HB 4 (the major telehealth bill) passed the Full House and Physical Therapy is specifically listed.

Thanks again for all your help. It is definitely a team effort.

2021 PT Legislative Bills

HB 1363 by Minjarez and SB 455 by Hughes: These bills will allow DPTs who are Board Certified to see patients for up to 15 business days before needing a referral. This is a clean-up from the passage of HB 29 in the 2019 Session. It is not controversial and there was no testimony in opposition in either the Senate or House Committees. Please urge your Legislators to support it throughout the process.

HB 2988 and HB 3755 by Minjarez and SB 939 and SB 940 by Gutierrez: These bills are the Fair Co-Pay bills. Since the passage of HB 29 Physical Therapists are now Primary Care Providers and patients should not have to pay Specialist Co-Pay rates any longer. These bills require that co-pays cannot be any higher for physical therapy than the patient’s insurance requires for a visit to a primary care physician. HB 3755 and SB 940 are similar, but the language is specific to Medicaid recipients. Ask for support of the bills.

HB 4 by Price: This is the major telehealth bill. Physical Therapy is currently specifically listed in the bill and our ask is that we remain listed in the legislation.