The committee is responsible for meetings of the Chapter being conducted according to parliamentary procedure and all Chapter activities being conducted according to the Bylaws and Standing Rules. The committee shall review and revise if necessary the Chapter Standing Rules and the Texas Chapter Reference manual annually, presenting recommendations for necessary revisions to the Chapter Board of Directors for action.


This committee investigates complaints against members in the manner prescribed by the Association Board of Directors. Complaints may be submitted to the Ethics Chair.


This committee shall advise the Chapter Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the chapter's financial needs, growth, and stability based on periodic reviews of income, expenditures, and investment.  The committee shall prepare an annual budget for presentation to the Chapter Board of Directors.

Governmental Affairs

This committee shall include legislative affairs, practice and regulatory affairs.

Membership Services

Activities of this committee include membership recognition, recruitment and retention and education issues. Click to learn more about the TPTA Reach100 Campaign.


This committee prepares a list of nominees for the offices of the Chapter and for delegate at large and Physical Therapist Assistant Caucus delegate for the Association House of Delegates.  The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for the conduction of all elections.

Payment Policy

Activities of this committee shall include keeping members current on the latest information for payment and reimbursement.


Activities of this committee shall include assisting members with practice questions and resources.

Professional Development

Activities of this committee shall include meeting management and continuing education management.

Public Relations

Activities of this committee shall include advancing the understanding of physical therapy to consumers and other healthcare professionals.