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Course Title: Haynes Method Hybrid DN Certification

Presenter: Dr. Luke J. Haynes, PT, DPT, CHDN

Sponsor: Haynes PT Institute

CCUs: 64

Date: 3/1/21 - 12/5/21

Location: Hybrid & Weatherford, TX

Description: The Haynes Method of Neuromuscular Dry Needling is a 64-hour certification process with 1/2 of the content being live interactive virtual lecture and the other 1/2 being live in-person lab sessions. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define dry needling and differentiate between dry needling and acupuncture.
  • Identify the appropriate population and conditions that may benefit from dry needling.
  • Demonstrate proficiency and competence with needle application and safe needle technique for the patient and the practitioner.
  • Identify the appropriate dosing of dry needling necessary to treat an acute, subacute, or chronic neuromuscular dysfunction.
  • Describe the indications, precautions, and contra-indications of dry needling.
  • Discuss the locations and anatomical structures in the danger zones of dry needling to ensure patient safety.
  • Discuss the current best evidence related to dry needling.
  • Identify specific treatment rationales and protocols for various diagnoses and body regions.

Registration Information: Registration fee is $950.00,

Posted: 1/27/2021