Tom Waugh Leadership Development Program (TWLDP)


Dr. Denise Gobert

Dr. Janelle O'Connell

Dr. Rex Nutt  

Dr. Cynthia Fisher 
Vice Treasurer 

Dr. Janna McGaugh
Education Coordinator

Dr. Rodelyn Berdin 
Communications Coordinator and Interim Planning Coordinator

Currently Vacant
Planning Coordinator 

Dr. Leah Alba
Annual Meeting Coordinator  

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WaughThe Tom Waugh Leadership Development Program (TWLDP) aims to help foster and develop professional leadership skills in members of the Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) who show potential and desire to become more active in the TPTA.

The TWLDP Program is named after longtime member (40 years), Tom Waugh.  Tom was active in the association during his many years of practice as a physical therapist in the El Paso area. He was known across the United States due to his many years as a Delegate for the Texas Chapter at APTA's House of Delegates.  Everyone who knew him felt his passion for the profession and Leadership Development.  He mentored many students and professionals throughout the years.  Tom passed away in April, 2012 after battling cancer. 

Program Objectives
The goal of the TWLD program is to provide a structured mechanism by which members become more familiar with both leadership opportunities and operations of the TPTA and become encouraged to increase participation. Completion of Phase I of the program means that a member has received personalized mentorship to enable increased organization involvement at both the local and state levels. Completion of Phase II means that a person is recognized as having leadership capacity and is ready to assume any of a number of leadership roles in the TPTA. It will take two years to complete both phases.

Mentors can be self-appointed or nominated. Mentors also commit to attend annual conference, participate in 6 monthly webinars, and 1 formal monthly interaction w/mentee for minimum of 6 months. Complete the Mentor Interest Form here.

Mentee Participants
Mentees will be chapter members in good standing with the organization who exhibit professional leadership potential of becoming more involved at the local or state level. Mentors are individuals who volunteer to assist with the program and who are well-versed in the current and future chapter objectives.

  • Mentee Selection- Mentees can be self-appointed or District appointed. All will fill out an application to participate in the program and have a TWLDP Fellow sponsor them. *All mentees and mentors need to be approved by the TWLD coordinating board.

    The Tom Waugh program is currently accepting applications for 2024. The application closes on 8/31/2024.
    Submit an application here.

Honorary Fellows

  • Dr. Janet Bezner
  • Dr. Joel Blanco
  • Virginia Ellis
  • Dr. Mary Lou Garrett
  • Dr. Denise Gobert
  • Dr. Lynne Hughes
  • Dr. Lisa Kearns
  • Jennifer Leans
  • Dr. Janna McGaugh
  • Tom McKelvey
  • Dr. Misty Miller 
  • Dr. Beverly Newman 
  • Dr. Ann Newstead
  • Dr. Rex Nutt 
  • Dr. Janelle O’Connell
  • Dr. Colette Pientok
  • Dr. Barbara Sanders 
  • Dr. Robert Sandoval
  • Michelle Voight




Polly Bowers-Manness (East Texas District) Chad Jackson (Central District)
Jackie Underwood (South Plains District)
Rhonda Abbott (Southeastern District)
Anna De Joya (Southeastern District)
Kimbri Long (Southeastern District)
Lesllie Turlington-Moore (Southeastern District)

Marla Ehly (Panhandle District)
James Heafner (Southeastern District)
Barry Jackson (Central District)
Marcos Lopez (Greater El Paso District) Stephanie Lynch (Southeastern District)
Tara Widgins (North Texas District)
Gail Zitterkopf (Southeastern District)

Jon Anderson (Central District)
Teresa Bachman (Capital District)
Ma Rodelyn Berdin (Southeastern District) Jaime Gonzalez (Central District)
Laura Kabiri (Southeastern District)
Evan Papa (North Texas District)
Myla Quiben (North Texas District)
Katherine Reyes-Brooks (GEPD District)
Ms. Carolyn Oddo (Honorary Fellow)

Leah Mae Alba (Southeastern District)
Venita Lovelace-Chandler (NTD District)
Dr. Ray Patterson (Honorary Fellow)

Nicole Volek (Southeastern District)
Dr. Carrie Hoppes (Honorary Fellow)

Susan Doherty (Southeastern District)
Cindy Gravell (Capital Area District)
Halley Hankins (Heart of Texas District) Amanda Lopez (Coastal Bend District)
Dr. Carolyn Utsey (Honorary Fellow)

Erica Parazo (Central District)

Kai Williams (Southeastern District)
Rob Hofschulte (Southeastern District)
Daniel Millar (Central District)
Shaundra Kwiatek (East Texas District)


Allison Butcher (Capital Area)
Katherine Franklin (Central)

Janine Calmes (Southeastern District)
Anne Gould (Coastal Bend)
Matt Huey (North Texas)
Briana Lievanos (Coastal Bend)


The Tom Waugh Program relies heavily on donations to help offset the cost of travel for mentees, the orientation meeting and other miscellaneous expenses.  Please consider donating to help us encourage future leaders of the association. 

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