Accredited Providers
Texas CCAP Accredited Providers

The providers listed below have been approved as CCAP Accredited Providers for the accreditation period listed below. 

All physical therapy-relevant courses offered by the Accredited Providers meet the continuing competence requirements for the Texas Board of PT Examiners and are automatically approved for continuing competence credit during their accreditation period.  

Courses MUST have the APS # listed on the certificate - this serves in lieu of a course approval number.

The APS # listed under each CC Provider is the Approval Number for their courses (except Ethics courses).  You will use this number when entering your Approval numbers during your licensure renewal. 

^Indicates that the Provider is no longer a current Accredited Provider.

Academy Medical Systems (part of Relias Learning)^
Accreditation Period: 11/1/14-12/31/15*
APS #: 1710030TX

^effective 01/01/2016; AMS courses become Relias Courses and will reflect the Relias Learning Approval number (located below)

Accelerated Care Plus Corp.
Accreditation period: 3/1/18-2/28/21
APS#: 2102043TX
Reaccreditation period: 2/1/19-1/31/22
APS #: 2201036TX

Accreditation period: 2/1/16-1/31/19
APS #: 1902036TX

Allied Health Education 
Accreditation Period: 10/01/2015-09/30/2018
APS #: 1810034TX 

Reaccreditation Period: 10/1/2018-9/30/2021
APS #: 2109034TX

American Physical Therapy Association*
Accreditation Period: 10/01/16-9/30/19
APS #: 1909019TX

Reaccreditation Period: 10/1/19-9/30/22
APS #: 2209019TX

*APTA's accredited provider status DOES NOT APPLY to APTA components, such as chapters and sections, with the exception of the Combined Sections Meeting (which is sponsored by APTA).

Accreditation Period: 12/1/19-11/30/22
APS #: 2211050TX

At Home Seminars
Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/13-1/31/17
APS #: 1601003TX

Accreditation Period: 2/1/2017-1/31/2020
APS #: 2001003TX

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation
Accreditation Period: 7/1/14-6/30/17
APS #: 1706025TX

Reaccreditation Period: 7/1/17-6/30/20
APS #: 2006023TX

Biologix Solutions LLC
Accreditation Period: 2/1/18-1/31/21
APS#: 2101042TX

CE International
Accreditation Period: 3/1/19-2/28/22
APS#: 2202050TX

CIAO Seminars
Accreditation Period: 3/1/16-2/28/19
APS #: 1902009TX

Reaccreditation Period: 3/1/19-2/28/22
APS #: 2202009TX

CINAHL Information Systems
Accreditation Period: 2/1/18-1/31/21
APS#: 2101041TX

Continuing ED^
Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/13-1/31/16
APS #: 1601005TX

^As of 2/1/16, Continuing Ed now seeks individual approvals for their courses so please refer to the individual course certificate for the approval number.

Dynamic Learning Online, Inc.^
Accreditation Period: 8/1/11-10/31/14
APS# {DLO-082011-TPTA-2014-018}

Reaccreditation Period: 11/1/14-09/30/15
APS #: 1710028TX

^As of 10/01/15 Dynamic Learning Online is no longer offering PT relevant courses. 

Education Resources
Reaccreditation Period: 11/1/16-10/31/19
APS #: 1910017TX

Accreditation Period: 11/1/19-10/31/22
APS #: 2210017TX

Evidence in Motion/Kinetacore
Accreditation Period: 2/1/19-1/31/22
APS #: 2201020TX

Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/16-1/31/19
APS #: 1902020TX

FLEX Therapist CEUs
Accreditation Period: 1/1/19-12/31/21
APS #: 2112047TX

Great Seminars and Books
Accreditation Period: 6/1/16-5/31/19
APS #: 1905011TX

Reaccreditation Period: 6/1/19-5/31/22
APS #: 2205011TX

Hanger Clinic
Accreditation Period: 10/1/14-9/30/17
APS #: 1709027TX

Reaccreditation Period: 10/1/17-9/30/20
APS #: 2009029TX

Herman & Wallace
Accreditation Period: 5/1/17-4/30/20
APS #: 2004039TX
Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/19-1/31/22
APS #: 2201002TX

Accreditation Period: 2/1/16-1/31/19
APS #: 1902002TX

Innovative Educational Services
Accreditation Period: 2/1/16-1/31/19
APS # 1902006TX

Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/19-1/31/22
APS #: 2201006TX

Institute for Natural Resources|
Accreditation Period: 12/1/14-11/30/17
APS #: 1711031TX

Reaccreditation Period: 12/1/17-11/30/20
APS #: 2011031TX

International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institute
Accreditation Period: 3/1/18-2/28/21
APS#: 2102044TX

Medical Minds in Motion (now under Elite Professional Education)
Accreditation Period: 12/1/18-11/30/21
APS #: 2111048TX

Accreditation Period: 9/1/14-8/31/17
APS #: 1708024TX

Reaccreditation Period: 9/1/17-8/31/20
APS #: 2008024TX

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System
Accreditation Period: 8/1/13-7/31/16
APS #: 1607019TX

Reaccreditation Period: 8/1/16-7/31/19
APS #: 1907019TX

Motivations, Inc.
Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/19-1/31/22
APS #: 2201007TX

Accreditation Period: 2/1/16- 1/31/19
APS #: 1902007TX

North American Seminars
Accreditation Period: 7/1/16-6/30/19
APS #: 1907038TX

Reaccreditation Period: 7/1/19-6/30/22
APS #: 2207038TX

OnCourse Learning / (Formerly Gannett Healthcare Group) 
Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/13-1/31/16
APS #: 1601004TX

Accreditation Period: 2/1/16-1/31/19
APS #: 1902004TX 
Accreditation Period: 10/1/2016-9/30/19
APS #: 1909014TX 

Reaccreditation Period: 10/1/19-9/31/22
APS #: 2209014TX

Reaccreditation Period: 7/1/18-6/30/21
APS #: 2106032TX

Accreditation Period: 07/01/2015-06/30/2018
APS #: 1807032TX
Accreditation Period 7/01/15-6/30/18
APS #: 1807033TX  

Accreditation Period 7/01/18-6/30/21
APS #: 2106033TX  

Pride Mobility Products Corp.
Reaccreditation Period: 3/1/13-2/28/16
APS #: 1602010TX

Accredited Provider Period: 3/1/16-2/28/19
APS #: 1903011TX 

Private Practice Section of the APTA
Accreditation Period: 9/1/14-8/31/17
APS #: 1708027TX

Reaccreditation Period: 3/1/19-2/28/22
APS #: 2202001TX

Accreditation Period: 3/1/16-2/28/19
APS #: 1902001TX
Accreditation Period: 8/1/17-7/31/20
APS #: 2007040TX 

Rehab Champions Continuing Education
Accreditation Period: 5/1/18-4/30/21
APS #: 2104045TX 

Reliant Rehabilitation
Accreditation Period: 4/1/16-3/31/19
APS #: 1904037TX

Relias LLC
Reaccreditation Period: 3/1/19-2/28/22
APS #: 2202008TX

Accreditation Period: 3/1/16-2/28/19
APS #: 1902008TX

Select Medical
Reaccreditation Period: 1/1/17-12/31/19
APS #: 1912022TX

Accreditation Period: 1/1/20-12/31/22
APS #: 2212022TX

Summit Professional Education
Accreditation Period: 6/1/18-5/31/21
APS #: 2105046TX

Texas Children's Hospital
Accreditation Period: 3/1/20-2/28/23
APS #: 2303051TX

Texas Physical Therapy Association
Accreditation Period: 2/1/14-1/31/17
APS #: 1701025TX

Reaccreditation Period: 2/1/17-1/31/20
APS #: 2001025TX

Therapy Network Seminars
Reaccreditation Period: 4/1/13-3/31/16
APS #: 1603012TX

Accreditation Period: 04/01/16-03/31/19
APS #: 1903013TX

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University of North Texas Health Science Center
Accreditation period: 10/01/2015-09/30/2018
APS #: 1810035TX

US Army Medical Department Center and School^
Accreditation Period: 1/1/14-12/31/16
APS #: 1612026TX

Reaccreditation Period: 1/1/17-12/31/19
APS #:1912026TX

Western Schools (formerly GSC Home Study Courses)
Reaccreditation Period: 12/1/16-11/30/19
APS #: 1911021TX

Accreditation Period: 12/1/19-11/30/22
APS #: 2211021TX