What is the Texas Student Physical Therapy Association (TSPTA)?
It is the student voice of the TPTA by communicating through a liaison network. The TSPTA notifies TPTA student members of current events affecting PT and PTA students. The goal is to create an informed student body which will actively participate in the decision making process  of the TPTA.


Megan Broussard

Megan is a second year DPT student at the University of Texas Southwestern.
As TSPTA President, she oversees the TSPTA board and nominating committee, coordinates the distribution of several yearly scholarships and facilitates communication between the TPTA and TSPTA.


Vice President, 
Megan Pierson, [email protected]

Megan is a first year DPT student at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. As the TSPTA Vice President, she keeps monthly meetings organized, interacts with donors and sponsors, and assists with any duties that other board members need help with.


 Will Herron, [email protected]

Will is a 2nd year DPT student at the Army-Baylor University in San Antonio.

As TSPTA Treasurer, he maintains official TSPTA documents, records meeting minutes, submits a monthly report to the board members, and helps out with various TSPTA projects.

 Kevin Hamilton, [email protected]

Kevin is a second year DPT student at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. As the TSPTA Treasurer, he is responsible for the TSPTA budget, involved with student scholarships, and other financial initiatives



PT Delegate
, Charles Giacona
[email protected]

Charles is a first year DPT student at Texas State University and a UT Alumnus. Hook'em! As the student PT delegate, Charles serves as an advocate for students across Texas. He also helps keep students up to date on current PT legislation by communicating what he learns in monthly TPTA delegate meetings.


PTA Delegate, 
April Hoyns, [email protected]

April Hoyns is a PTA student at the Houston Community Coleman College in the Texas Medical Center. Serving as the TSPTA Delegate she attends the APTA and TSPTA monthly meetings to report new knowledge and share with fellow students.

TSPTA Core Ambassador
Ethan Mitchell

Ethan is a first year DPT student at Angelo State University. As the Core Ambassador, he serves as the primary connection between the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) and the PT and PTA students in Texas. Ethan hopes to be a voice for all students in advocacy efforts. His advocacy interests include raising the public's awareness of how physical therapy can help people heal without opioids or surgery, increasing elementary school age minority students' recognition for career opportunity, and decreasing student debt by finding alternative solutions to help the profession become more lucrative.


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PT and PTA Schools


  • Represent your school as a TSPTA liaison Your responsibilities as a TSPTA liaison include reporting information to your fellow classmates and voicing your school concerns to the TSPTA. 
  • Communication, communication, communication!!!
  • Attend TSPTA meeting at TPTA conferences and Student Conclave
  • Attend your local district meetings. Contact chapter office for information regarding local meetings.
  • Run for a TSPTA office!! View the TSPTA Board Application & Officer Descriptions
  • APTA opportunities
  • APTA web-page
  • Student Assembly web page


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