Special Interest Group-PTA

Nicole Volek

Vice Chair: Charles Fitzgerald  
Treasurer: Luke Markert 
Secretary: Polly Bowers-Maness   
Bylaws Committee Chair: Christina Cayce 
Nominating Committee Chair: Brandi Braxter 
District Liaison Chair: Polly Bowers-Maness 
PTA Caucus Rep: Nicole Volek

News, Announcements and Events


Texas Talks - PTA Series 

Vino and Vent- September 13, 2020 with Eddie Ernst, CPTA, Cert VRS
Come join Texas Talks – PTA Series with moderator and Podcast sensation, Eddie Ernst, CPTA, Cert VRS. We will have a real conversation about being a PTA during COVID, PDGM, PDPM and what can an Association do for members.

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