Outstanding PTA Faculty Award


To acknowledge an outstanding faculty member in Physical Therapist Assistant education in Texas who has demonstrated excellence in the role.


A physical therapist or physical therapist assistant who

a.  is a current member of the TPTA.

b. has been actively engaged in teaching student physical therapist assistants for at least two years.

c.  Has a part-time or full-time faculty academic appointment, but may be of any rank.

d.  Is employed in an academic setting within one or more accredited physical therapist assistant education programs from which students earn an academic degree.


The nominee should have a record of:

  1. Teaching excellence in the academic setting, which may be demonstrated by:
    1. Teaching presentations which are clear, organized, well prepared and include exceptional teaching materials or methods.
    2. Teaching presentations or approaches which are innovative and creative.
    3. Effective methods for evaluation of student knowledge and performance.
    4. Knowledge of and enthusiasm for subject manner.
    5. Ability to relate academic knowledge to clinical practice.
    6. Development of student skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and independent judgment.
    7. Ability to modify teaching style where appropriate.
    8. Accessibility to students and effectively in offering assistance.
    9. Fairness and freedom from prejudice.
    10. Commitment to service to the institution, profession, and community.


  1. Any member of the TPTA or APTA components may submit nominations.
  2. Nominations are made by submitting an electronic nomination form and submission of nomination letter.
    1. If an individual is not selected for the award in a given year, the individual may be nominated in subsequent years. This would require a new nomination form and supporting materials. 



2000 – Cindy Levine 2009 - Debra Tomacelli-Brock
2001 – Ed Hankard 2010 – Michael Ross
2002 – Georgianna Wilson 2011 – no award given
2003 – no award given 2012 – Christina Cayce
2004 – Susan Huey/Karen Jacobs 2013 - Patty Collier
2005 – Janet Spigner 2018 - Jackie Underwood
2007 – Jana Israel 2020 - Amanda Storer
2008 – Jose Milan