Warren C. Smyth Outstanding Service Award


This award is bestowed upon a physical therapy private practitioner in recognition of such things as professional clinical and educational expertise, innovative delivery of care, participation in the association, commitment to private practice, and community service.


    1. A physical therapist who
      1. Is a member of the Texas Physical Therapy Association and  APTA’s Private Practice Section who lives and practices in Texas
      2. As the intent is to recognize a physical therapist in private practice the following guidelines may be used in the selection process.  The nominee should show achievement in two or more of the following areas.
        1. Professional Expertise – Clinical
          1.  Has demonstrated distinguished service within the clinical application of physical therapy by providing services in a manner that exceeds the standards established as acceptable performance on a continuing basis to all patients referred to the candidate.
        2. Professional Expertise – Educational
          1. Has demonstrated distinguished performance in the ability to transmit knowledge, inspire and motivate students to a high level of competence and to the pursuit of new knowledge, and foster in students an attitude of professional commitment to meeting the health needs of the people.
        3. Delivery of new services
          1. Has developed new or innovative methods, systems or concepts for delivering physical therapy services in areas that were previously neglected or underserved, i.e., sports medicine, industrial medicine, specialty areas, under populated or undesirable geographic areas, and so forth.
        4. Participation in the Professional Association
          1.  Has demonstrated, on a continuing basis, the development of the Association through active involvement in professional activities and through contributions to the knowledge of physical therapy on the local, chapter, national or international levels, i.e., committee chairs, offices held, participation in meetings, service on regulatory boards, and legislative activities, et cetera.
        5. Commitment Private Practice
          1. Has demonstrated a commitment to private practice as evidenced by personal participation in continuing private practice education and by active contributions to the private practice education of others, i.e. publications, in-service programs, seminars, lectures, workshops, etc.
        6. Public Relations, Political Participation and Community Service
          1. Has demonstrated a willingness to share contributions that have advanced the professional through increased knowledge, development of new techniques and innovative applications of existing knowledge, i.e., publications, new devices, adaptations, and so forth.


  1. Any member of the TPTA may submit nominations.
  2. Nominations are made by submitting an electronic nomination form and submission of nomination letter. 
  3. If an individual is not selected for the award in a given year, that individual may be nominated in subsequent years. New nomination materials must be submitted in subsequent years.
1990 – Rex Nutt
1991 – Tom Waugh
1992 – Wayne Sawyer
1993 – Jeanette Winfree
1994 – Davis Gordon
1995 – Bill Keeble
1996 – Peno Carter
1997 – Gary Gray
1998 – Michael Cunningham
1999 – Michael Chaveaux
2000 – no award given
2001 – Pamela Ann Scarborough
2002 – Daniel R. Shea
2003 – no award given
2004 – Karen Ross
2005 – David Mallgrave
2006 – James Keister
2007 – David Lott
2008 – Brad Allen
2009 – no award given
2010 – no award given
2011 – Andrew Bennett
2012 – Tiffaney Hunter
2013 - No Award Given
2014 - David Browder
2015 - Kathleen A. Roth