Outstanding PT Researcher Award


To acknowledge an individual who has made significant contributions to physical therapy through excellence in research.


  1. A physical therapist who
    1. is a current member of the TPTA.
    2. has practiced in the state of Texas for at least five years immediately prior to the nomination and must not have been out of Texas for longer than one year since the submission of the nomination.
    3. is employed in any setting appropriate for physical therapists.
    4. has performed sustained and outstanding basic, clinical, and/or educational research that must pertain to physical therapy and physical therapy practice.
    5. has published scientific studies within appropriate refereed scientific and/or professional publications.
    6. has presented scientific studies orally to the appropriate audiences.
  2. The total research and scholarly output of the individual must represent a continuity of professional commitment to physical therapy.


  1. Any member of the TPTA or APTA components may submit nominations.
  2. Nominations are made by submitting an electronic nomination form and submission of supporting documents.
    1. Current curriculum vitae of the nominee. 
    2. Letter of nomination.
    3. Reprints of three to seven scientific papers published by refereed journals that present clear evidence of sustained and outstanding research. The scientific papers should be selected to present the entire body of work of the nominee, and do not necessarily have to be the most current works. If more references are needed in order to make a decision, the task force will request those from the nominator.
    4. Extraneous documents (that is those not required or in excess of requirements) will not be considered.
  3. Individuals nominated and not selected for the Award may be nominated in any subsequent year by submission of the new nomination packet. Previously submitted materials will not be used.



2001 – Gail Deyle     2010 – Scott Hasson
2002 – Kurt Mossberg     2012 – Elaine Trudelle-Jackson
2003 – no award given     2013 – Shane Koppenhaver
2004 – Robert S. Wainer     2014 - Hao Liu
2006 – John Childs     2015 - Heather J. Braden
2007 – Dennis O’Connell     2018 - Janet Bezner 
2008 – Phillip Sizer      
2009 -- Deydre Smyth Teyhen